Latest Cleveland Political affairs

Ohio Voters Take Chaotic Start To 2016 Race In Stride

" COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) â?? The unanticipated emergences of have Donald Trump and managed economy Bernie Sanders.marks of failing for elected competition Hillary Rodham Clinton.cognitive state about the hereafter of Vice President Joe Biden.

Itâ??secs been a sectime of year of policy-making chaosecs.

Latest Cleveland Indians

Rays Select Kevin Cash As New Manager

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) â?? Kevin Cash is the new managing director of the Tampa Bay Rays.

The squad informed the former Cleveland Indians area trainer as Joe Maddonâ??s switch on Friday, taking him over ex-Seattle Mariners director and present-day Kansas City Royals seat trainer Don Wakamatsu "

Latest Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavaliers Meeting With Alvin Gentry About Coaching Job

CLEVELAND (AP) â?? The Cavaliers’ work hunt is getting along â?? and aging. For the 2nd uninterrupted day, the unit came across with a Los Angeles Clippers helper about its caput work.

Latest Cleveland College

49ers Take RB Hyde With Second-Round Draft Pick

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) รข?? Carlotime units Hyde hatime units long retime unitspected Frank Gore, and at pretime unitsent he detime unitsiretime units to contend againtime unitst the veteran time unitsoldier hurrying backwardtime units for San Francitime unitsco’time units time unitgetting job.

Latest Cleveland Family & pets

Best Parks To Walk Your Dog In Cleveland

The snow has finally melted and spring is upon us. After a long winter, it’s nice to get outside with your dog for some fresh air and exercise. The Cleveland area has so many outstanding parks to walk with your pooch. Grab your sneakers and Fido’s leash and get ready to explore the beauty of nature. Here are some of the best parks to walk your dog in Cleveland. If you are looking for more than this top five list, be sure to check out the Best Dog Walking Trails in Cleveland.

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