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The policy related to privacy that any site is following to deal with the clients’ information is as crucial as the service itself and even goes beyond it. And because we are conscious of this defy, we take great measures to guard your privacy. To mention, all information you may leave on our site has the maximum security and it’s under our liability. Sometimes we may reveal certain information, but just what’s required to improve our services. Only when you move to another third part site, considering sites that have a link on our site or with which we do business, you might conform different policies, and you should bear this in mind. And if you want our suggest, do not leave your information to anyone prior to putting certain questions. And as far as we are concerned, if you want to inquire about our policy, don’t waste time and contact us.

For the purpose of developing our services and satisfying our clientele, we set cookies to track your pathway on our site. If it happens that you do not want cookies to be fixed on your browser, you still have the choice to remove them. But when deleted, some services of our site might not work.

By making use of site (nehoratravelers), you automatically agree to what contained in this privacy policy. We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time we want, but when we decide to do so you’ll undoubtedly be notified on time.

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