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The compilation Devices recording details, specialized counseling participants throughout the service chain. The record depth of Navigation Systems Market parental trends, many countries are also locations in the long term of this relationship are discussed in double acquisition Record: Most competitive landscape supplier detailed investigation / major market players best devices: motors, MapBox issued digital TV are like World-satellite techniques Navigations we use in traffic

During the UAV route is the deployment. a tracing system being visible VNS that reduces the position errors accumulated by goniometry reckoning lifeless. VNS operates aesthetic odometry methods for determining the position of the aircraft and aligned by inspection and digest images captured by a camera attached to its underside. Initial screening in theft of circumstances in real time was a success, accounts UAV plotting courses. The machine combines well with all the company's flight management solution to improve the direction finding in a failed GNSS environment. Navigation UAV sensors are tolerant GNSS disappointments usually in situations rejected GNSS and can operate according lifeless, besides the flight basic security decreases. However, prolonged GNSS disappointment can cause significant finding of movement, which is where the VNS comes. VNS method comprises a base mounted abdomen camera and image digest computer. Images of you are refined by a light board computer, the right translation in comparative alternation in the position of the aircraft. This information can be combined with inertial sensors to reduce the general movement to <1% of the distance traveled, which eliminates any associated UAV Navigation's visual drift over time. Combined with the autopilot Vector, VNS components provide a complete and robust autonomous flight control and navigation solution. .

successfully by the team Geodetic CHC Navigation complete Mont Survey 2020 is time for the team to the top of Mount Everest, China Qomolangma. promote research and ensure the elevation of Mount character and measurements received from Natural Materials 2020 Project. A dedicated departments, set up. The specific requirements of the team from the National Survey.

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