My dependence on audio cassettes is not a challenge — it is a solution

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Far from the days of cassettes veranda and thin, low-power audio system, the competition for the best automatic music system has become a My addiction to high level, large-tech case with car manufacturers to sign a many of the most important labels of the company says home audio. And in 2021, three groups aim at the best price with very new, revved-up appear Systems designs and distinctive patterns. About the sport forward, Maserati MC20 supercar newly discovered superior high quality method Sonus Faber influenced by presenter 12 695 t shipped by several power amps committed an exciting and sophisticated start-up from the first supercar to wear trident in 15 years. On the other hand, the British producer Naim music is unique promotion, 3 demo hundred watts Battista Pininfarina. The quiet sneakily cottage with any other casesavage, 1700 horses, electric French hypercar is a great atmosphere at Naim value of the 10-speaker configuration, which includes a large bass speaker between the driver and traveling, besides super tweeters behind the chairs and in sections with Battista butterfly gateways. Because of the not too long debuted Awesome concept Wagoneer, Jeep considered McIntosh, certainly one of the oldest and many traditional leaders of our country deemed, known for robust equipment set with counters unique orange. Its 1375 watts technical reference point, using a guitar amp with 24 channels and 23 audio system, designed for the new flagship SUV Jeep, turning McIntosh Speakers in its big interior in a concert hall in progress. It just goes to show that, as the speed displayed is a constant, the way it is maintained is to always get good listening

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